Harriet A. Hall, MD, wrote an interesting blog entry called called Puncturing the Acupuncture Myth, which was also recently published in Skeptic Magazine under the “SkeptDoc” column. The article is a overview of the history of acupuncture.  Also, Hall gives a good overview of how the current state of findings and problems with acupuncture research.

One very telling observation Dr. Hall makes in this blog post in explaining the state of science in China: “[…]acupuncture studies coming from China and other oriental countries are all positive – but then almost everything coming out of China is positive. It’s not culturally acceptable to publish negative results – researchers would lose face and their jobs.”

Dr. Hall’s main sources is a PowerPoint presentation by the late Dr. Robert Imrie, which is available online with sources.  (Firefox browser did not like the presentation, so I had to run it in Internet Explorer.)  This presentation has some good pictures, good points, is well sourced for a PowerPoint presentation, and is witty.